12.5 mm Push Fit Manifold Adaptor for all ST225 Alloy Inlets


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  • No more Jamming
  • No More Tight Fit
  • Simple Easy Fitment
  • Replaces all 3/8 inch thread adaptors found on all mountune and sitech inlets

Have you ever purchased a Ford Focus ST225 Inlet?

As Pumaspeed developed their new tapered inlet manifold, their team of experts discovered that the standard-issue ST225 Push-Fit Manifold Adaptor supplied with most inlets was just too tight.

Leading suppliers of Manifolds such as Mountune and Sitech supplied their manifolds with 12mm adaptors. When fitting the piece we found that opting for this part meant an unnecessarily tight fit and led to confusion and potential damage when installing the inlet.

Having sampled the other suppliers out there, the Pumaspeed Team sourced a 12.5 mm ( Imperial 1/2 inch ) Push-Fit Manifold Adaptor for all ST225 Inlets which does the job far more efficiently and effectively. We strongly recommend you add this part to your inlet and enjoy this cheap bolt-on as soon as possible.

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