Mahle / Bridgeway Connecting Rods ST225


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  • Tried and Tested to over 800bhp

Bridgeway Extreme Performance Con Rods for the Focus ST225 and Focus RS Mk2.
These 4340 forged steel conrods are suitable for the Ford Focus RS MK2 2.5 5 cylinder Turbo and the Ford Focus ST 2.5 Turbo.

These New Bridgeway (BW) Rods form part of the Extreme Performance Range (EPR) of Bridgeway products. Designed for high-power builds and supplied as standard with GENUINE ARP2000 bolts, these parts are suitable for engines of up to 1,000hp. With the bolts upgraded to custom age ARP parts, they are suitable for a massive 1,200hp!

Bridgeway or BW as they are also known is a leading producer of steel crankshafts & con rods that supply many famous brands globally. The undisputed market leader in Asia – these are serious parts for serious racers. Parts are not only matched by total weight to +-1g, but all parts are also balanced end to end. All are magnafluxed to ensure that no cracks or material defects are present, before shot peening for stress reduction.

Additional Rods Information

Big End Weight – 419.60g
Small End Weight -159.40g
Total Weight – 579.0g
Length – 143.00mm
Big End – 50.00mm
Small End – 23.00mm

These parts are ideal for use with our forged pistons manufactured by MAHLE Motorsport and our MAHLE Motorsport lead indium racing bearings.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg


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