Milltek Sport Fiesta ST180 Cat Replacement Downpipe (De-Cat) – Fiesta ST180 Mk7


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Milltek Sport Exhaust Fiesta Mk7 ST180 De-Cat Pipe – Milltek Sport Exhaust

  • 100% MORE FLOW
  • The De-Cat has a huge Increase in Bore to 76mm
  • Removes the 48mm OE Pipework
  • Class Quality and Guarantee of the Milltek Sport Brand.
  • Gasket and fitting kit included.

Release the flow from the new Ford Mk7 Fiesta ST180 EcoBoost engine with a Milltek Sport Exhaust De-Cat Downpipe!

The original Catalyst and Downpipe of the New Mk7 Fiesta ST180 EcoBoost are made in one piece. This new one-piece design features a restrictive bend and a very small 48mm internal Bore (under 2 inches!). This 48mm small Bore is nowhere near the optimum flow rate of the Fiesta ST180 Borg Warner Turbocharger. The larger Bore size of the new Milltek Sport De-Cat Downpipe is 76mm, the largest on the market with over 100% more capacity to generate added power. This is the perfect way to add flow and power to all world variants of the New 2013 onwards Mk7 Fiesta ST180.

What is the MIL Cheater Option?
The Mil Cheater Elbow is a small device that relocates the secondary lambda probe (Post Catalyst), away from the direct flow of the Exhaust gases. This causes the probe to read a less accurate signal which will then not trigger the ECU into recognizing the Catalyst is being less efficient than the ECU would allow. In short, the MIL light, or De-Cat light as some call it, will be much less prone to coming on for the Cat not being there.

Get ahead of the game with Pumaspeed – The Home of the Milltek Sport Exhaust System.

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