Pumaspeed Adjustable Blow Off Adapter


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  • Direct bolt-on fit to any 1.6 EcoBoost (Electric DV)
  • CNC Billet Alloy
  • Full Fitting kit included

The New Pumaspeed Adjustable Atmospheric Blow-Off adapter has been specifically designed to fit the ST180 and all other 1.6 Ecoboost engines with the Electrical version OEM Diverter valve. Fitting between this OEM Diverter valve and the Body of the turbocharger, it allows an adjustable amount of air to be vented to the atmosphere when the OE Diverter Valve is triggered by the Engine ECU. This escaping unused charged air vents to the atmosphere, giving the well-known but distinct and desirable blow-off valve sound.

How Does it Adjust?
Removable screws are provided which insert to block air escaping from any or all of the 3 holes. To adjust the noise levels all you need to do is simply add screws to make it quieter, or remove them to make it louder. It’s a very simple and efficient solution that enables this unit to suit different individual needs meaning this is a blow-off adapter for anyone and everyone!

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