Pumaspeed Racing Gemini V3 Induction Kit – Fiesta ST180 Mk7


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  • Brand New Designed In House at Pumaspeed
  • Open Cone Induction Filter with CNC and Silicone Induction Pipes
  • CAD/CAM Designed Heat Shield with Easy Installation
  • Choice of Silicone Induction Hose Colour: Red, Black, Orange, or Blue
  • Unrivaled Cold Airflow for Increased Power
  • Added Induction Noise and Turbo Chatter
  • Designed and Powder Coated here in the UK by Pumaspeed
  • #TeamPumaspeed


Fiesta ST180 Induction kits just don’t get any better than this Brand New GEMINI V3 Cold Air Induction System.

Designed in-house at Pumaspeed with our CAD/CAM software. From initial design to 3D printed sample, to the fully finished product this beautifully made kit has been designed and tested 100% in the UK to outperform every other system in the market today.

The heat shield and cold air feed make all the difference by directing all the high-pressure air directly onto the cone element. The secondary underside lower air feed hose has been specifically made to channel high-pressure cold air from behind the fog light directly into the open cone air filter.

We have designed this kit for the ultimate power-seekers out there this is where things get serious, with a unique heat shield and air duct system that takes the high-pressure air from down near the front bumper and channels it directly into the air filter cone and can be installed anywhere in the lower bumper region by the end-user. Nothing like this system has ever been seen before and with a true ST200 style cold air feed; there is nothing better on the market.  This kit is perfect for any remapped car, be it a Stage 1 car at 230bhp or a full-blown X58EVO turbo 400bhp car!

The system boasts a perfectly sized sensor housing engineered from CAD/CAM design with the exact internal bore size to match the original housing, important in not triggering error codes! Also included is a huge air filter element, a fully synthetic nanofibre open cone filter that has a bigger surface area than an ordinary foam filter and therefore increases airflow and induction noise. A Pumaspeed Racing silicone hose is also included in the price in your choice of color, further improving the airflow and ultimately making your car faster and sound better.

All fittings required to fit the kit are included for easy DIY fitment within 30 minutes, we can also install with one of our approved workshops.

This is the best kit available for the Fiesta Mk 7.5 ST180

#TeamAuraPerformance #TeamPumaspeed

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Sillicone Hose Colour

Black, Blue, Red


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