R-Sport Pro 400 GEN2 Intercooler – Fiesta ST180 Mk7


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R-Sport Pro 400 GEN 2 Intercooler Fiesta ST180 – R-Sport Pro Intercoolers

  • Rated to over 400 bhp
  • Proven to 500bhp
  • Super Efficient Dense Fin Bar and Plate Core
  • 100% Alloy Construction
  • Easy DIRECT FIT to all OE Pipework
  • 2-year warranty for the first owner
  • WRC Style Angled Cooler


All Intercoolers are not made equal, most full height Intercoolers use a 40mm core for their cooling but the NEW GEN 2 Pro 400 uses a very efficient  Dense Fin Bar and Plate Type 50mm Core, so it’s 25% larger than any other full-sized cooler on the market.

This unit is the ONLY ST FIESTA INTERCOOLER TO BE PROVEN TO OVER 500BHP by Pumaspeed on our 1.6 EcoBoost Mk8


R-Sport Pro 400 – The Ultimate Affordable Intercooler 

The design team was asked to produce a cooler that would allow the X-47R and the new X-57R turbos to work to well over 400 bhp. The only way to run that sort of power from an intercooler is to increase the size of the core. The GEN 1 Pro 400 unit already ran a full-height core so the only way to go was to run a thicker core. Therefore, out goes the industry standard 40mm and in comes the next generation 50mm core that is 25% larger, increasing cooling performance massively.

Together with this, the cooler is positioned on the car at a slight angle meaning the top is slightly further forward than the bottom, much like on WRC cars. This has the effect of catching more air than a conventional cooler as the majority of the air over the front of the car would be flowing up towards the bonnet and over the car.

The next design feature was the entry angles of the end tanks, we’ve purposely angled these upwards, forcing the air from the lower portions up to the top of the cooler, again, improving the intercooler efficiency. This unit is a direct replacement for the stock Ford intercooler and it supports power outputs in excess of 400 bhp which will suit all Pumaspeed X Series Hybrid Turbos and GTX Power Kits.

These design features are certainly a step forward for ST180 power generation!

A review by Stealthwerx of Norfolk

“It’s a winner!
Finally some data for the new Pro 400 Gen 2 from Pumaspeed’s own brand R-Sport. I have literally had the bumper of this car 10 times or more, trying out every cooler I can get my hands on!
Remembering the spec of my car, as it’s very relevant, you cannot compare temps from a hybrid to that of a MAXD Out 2R. So, X47R, V4902B software, currently pushing insane boost nearly 1.9 bar (On TS Actuator for base file testing but going back to Forge shortly which will lower boost at the top end to more sensible levels). So really this is what to expect from an X47R flat out, not a normal end-user set up that I dial back a bit.
The coolers to beat are the Airtec Stage 3 and the Wagner, and the New Pro 400 GEN 2 certainly delivers. After an average result on the original Pro 400 which used a very lightweight tube and fin core, Pumaspeed took on board this criticism and put together a pretty unbeatable unit. With 2 x 4th gear pulls, the max it went over ambient was 11c which is on par with the larger stepped core of the Airtec. It’s a little better than the Wagner too, which is normally 12-14c over ambient. These are extreme 1500-7000rpm pulls in 4th, lots of loads, hitting ***mph each time.
Recovery seems good too – Not as rapid as the Wagner, but certainly no slower than the Airtec and a good sign is temps dropping when on boost initially. Pressure drop is hard to measure by just throwing on a cooler, but the turbo duty cycle is an indicator, and it was a few % lower than the Airtec, showing that the smaller volume has a slightly beneficial effect as the turbo is working less hard to meet demand. In terms of driving, I could tell no difference in response, it was already top-notch. I’m very pleased that we have a competitive R-Sport cooler we can recommend to customers. I haven’t dyno’d yet, but as Airtec and Wagner cars are always very similar, I’d expect it to be pretty much the same.
With a cost of just £429 inc VAT with a satin black finish, its amazing value for money, and should be a serious consideration for any ST180 owner, well done Pumaspeed!”

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Weight 8 kg
Intercooler Colour

Satin Black (Add R599.00), Satin Silver

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Blue / Black, Blue / White, Red / Black, Red / White


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