X48R Fiesta ST EcoBoost Turbocharger


220-250kw+ Hybrid Turbo with all supporting mods

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  • Direct Bolt-On Stock Location Unit X48R Hybrid Turbocharger
  • X47R Turbine Shaft with Race Spec Clipped Back Blades,
  • Motorsport Heavy Duty 360 Degree Thrust Bearing Assembly
  • Modified Seal Plate to Match Hi-Flow Compressor Wheel
  • 350bhp Dyno Proven on both Pumaspeed and Customer Cars
  • Supplied with CNC Machined Racing Inlet Elbow for Maximum Airflow
  • Brand new technology for 2022

The New Fiesta ST 180 X48R Hybrid Turbo was rumored at the start of summer 2021. Pumaspeed produced 10 units and sent them to some distributors around the world for evaluation. After Several Months of testing, we are happy to announce that the sale of the new X48R is now ready to roll.

What are the physical differences between the X47, X47R, and X48R?

  • The X47 is rated at 325 bhp and has a 43mm impeller with 7 blades
  • The X47R is rated to 335-340 bhp and has a 46mm impeller with 7 blades
  • The X48R is rated to 340-350 bhp and has a 46mm impeller with 8 curved blades to grab and compress more air
  • The New X48R lifts the lid on power, it maximizes the stock Fuel injectors, and will boost the car around to the 340-350bhp mark, it can also be mapped with the larger injectors if required to add a tad more power.

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