MAXD Flash Programmer – Fiesta ST180 Stage 1R – Fiesta ST180 Mk7


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Stage 1R Catalyst Safe Progressive Power and Torque 225-240 bhp – MAXD-OUT Software

  • Tune your ST180 Fiesta anywhere in the World.
  • Up to 235 bhp capable on 99 octane fuel
  • Simple Plug and Play Custom tuning procedure.
  • Uses any Windows-based PC
  • Includes two maps, one for 95RON and one for 99RON at up to 235hp
  • Cat safe crackle and advanced overrun optional

The MAXD tuning device allows you total control of the vehicle’s engine calibration with the use of any Windows-based PC.
This Stage 1 version of the MAXD Out device contains the first 2 engine calibrations to choose from, not just one like other tuning boxes.

These are Stage 1 (For 95RON) and STAGE 1R  (For 99RON at 235bhp)

Graph showing MAXD Out Stage 1r 241 bhp and 395nm torque (with added Intercooler and Air Filter)


This Pumaspeed MAXD Out Stage 1R Tuning Box has 2 remaps, both are designed to run with the Stock Catalytic Converter. Either will run a totally stock vehicle or run with additional hardware such as the R-sport Intercooler and R-sport Air Filter kit etc to produce up to 235 bhp (YES, that’s 235 bhp on a stock catalyst!!). We recommend the use of only 97-99 octane fuel on the R specification maps.

There are very few remaps on the market today that have that sort of performance with the Ford OE built-in safety features still included, for instance, the stock boost level is 1.45 BAR, the MAXD Out map only lifts that to 1.55 BAR.

Testing has shown the MAXD recalibration to be one of the safest custom tuning solutions available.
The Staged mapping will suit any European Spec ST180 (Europe, Australia, and Hong Kong markets) and will work to deliver a very safe and reliable increase.

More Tunes Available from MAXD-OUT.
Stage 1   –  Up to 220 bhp with no or minimal hardware modifications.
– Smooth progressive low boost factory-like calibration, a perfect addition giving extra drivability and economy.
Stage 1r –  Up to 235 bhp with no or minimal hardware modifications.
– More aggressive high torque 98 octane calibration, a perfect addition giving extra drivability and economy.
Stage 2   –  Up to 240 bhp low boost with some Stage 2 bolt-on Air Filter, Intercooler, and Exhaust modifications.
– A very well-mannered drive with a good initial hit of torque and a smooth progressive lift in power.
  Stage 2r  – The most powerful Stage 2 software on the market offering up to 254 bhp and 390Nm.
                   – Dwarfing the competition and giving you the full potential of the standard Turbo when used with the full list of simple bolt-on parts
Stage 3   –  Up to 299 bhp with the X-37 Pumaspeed Hybrid Turbo plus all available bolt-on hardware.
– A beautifully safe mapping available with total reliability day-to-day, and perfect low rev manners.
Stage 3r–  Up to 350 bhp with Pumaspeed X-47R Hybrid Turbo, Quickspool Tubular Manifold, and all available bolt-on hardware.
– The most powerful Hybrid Turbo mapping available with total reliability day-to-day and perfect low rev manners.
  Stage 4r  –  Up to 390 bhp with the Garrett GTX2867 Turbo plus larger Injectors and all suitable bolt-on hardware.

– Race Spec Software not for the faint-hearted.

Valet Mode is available on request to immobilize the vehicle.

 Stock  ST180 – MAXD has a database of stock Original equipment files, these are available on request.

MAXD Custom Options available:

   De- Cat – This option will ensure the dash MIL light does not turn on to indicate the Catalytic Converter is not fitted.
Cat safe crackle – Enhanced overrun burble safe for stock and sports cats available in the options.
Octane rating – low grade 95 RON and High Grade 102 RON mappings are available at additional cost.

The graph below shows MAXD Out Stage 1 remap. Now superseded by the updated 1r mapping.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Cat Safe Crackle and Overrun

Enhanced Overrun and Crackle included (Add R960.25), Enhanced Overrun and Crackle not included


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