X58EVO2 Fiesta ST 400bhp Plus Fiesta ST EcoBoost Turbocharger


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X58EVO2 Fiesta ST 400bhp Plus Fiesta ST EcoBoost Turbocharger

  • Direct Bolt On In Place of Factory OE Turbo
  • Designed, Cast and Fully Built Here in the UK.
  • No Exchange Required
  • New Gen2 Exhaust housing has over 65% less back pressure.
  • Over 400bhp Capable, Dyno Proven On Real Customer Cars
  • 8 Blade Billet CNC K16 Compressor Wheel with Extended Tips
  • 9 Blade Free Flow K16 Turbine Wheel Optimzed for High Power
  • Motorsport Spec Heavy Duty 360 Degree Thrust Bearing Pack Assembly
  • Generates Bar 14.5 psi Boost at 2,700rpm
  • X58 Series Fitted to EBC Ultimate Fiesta Project, and Officially Gassed Fiesta ST180
  • #TeamPumaspeed


  • The K04 based X57 and X58 ranges of Fiesta ST Turbo just got a new bigger brother.
    The Brand New GEN 2 Larger A/R Cast Exhaust housing allows the X58EVO2 Turbocharger to flow way more exhaust gasses. The HUGE exhaust housing was primarily designed to focus on top-end power, not spool time, however, this turbo still spools to 1 bar boost at 2700 rpm !!— IN STOCK READY TO SHIP —

    To build the perfect turbocharger you must understand the desires of the customer and understand the dynamics of the engine itself. The 1.6 EcoBoost motor has no better home than Pumaspeed, with 20+ years fast Ford experience, race engines being built every week to power levels of over 400bhp, you couldn’t be in better hands.

    The X57 series of turbochargers have been designed from the ground up with a no-compromise attitude. They feature the very latest spec genuine K04 Motorsport internals and state-of-the-art billet 8 blade CNC compressor wheels, with point milling which encourages better flow and eliminates turbo surge. The new Gen 2 exhaust housing is what really separates the EVO2 from previous models, and has been manufactured from one of the most advanced materials, D5B Ni-Resist, which is used on the bomb-proof Garrett turbo range… these are true high spec units. These X57 and X58 turbos have been tested on road, track and dyno since late 2018 and have easily proven themselves durable and without compromise on power, reliability, and especially response.

    Fully cast in the UK the X58EVO2 comes hand finished with all genuine high grade K04 components. These custom-made units will blow the competition away; being 400bhp PLUS capable, we’re yet to see a car with faster draggy times and dyno numbers (that are not on an over-reading dyno).  For the very best in performance for the ST180 1.6 EcoBoost, there is only one place you need to come to, Pumaspeed.

    The X57 range has two distinct directions, one turbo designed to be run on a stock engine, and one on a built engine. The X57 is the ultimate turbo when running on your stock 1.6 EcoBoost engine, with sensible boost levels with devastating performance. The X58EVO2 takes this one step further and although it can be run on a stock engine with specific mapping, we strongly advise a built motor to get the most out of this setup. With a built motor the boost can be safely raised providing ‘factually’ over 400bhp results. Pumaspeed has chosen turbo specs that give the perfect balance between power and spool, depending on how far your fuel system and engine internals will allow you to push.

    The X57 range of turbocharger specifications:

    Specifications X57 gen1 X58EVO X58EVO2
     BHP rating Upto 365  Upto 395 Upto 420
     Spool time (Revs at 1 Bar / 14.5 psi) 2,300 2,600 2,700
     Turbine size 50.00 / 44.40 55.00 / 49.00  55.00 / 49.00
     Turbine cut back YES 12 blades YES No, 9 Blades Instead
     Turbocharger core version K04 K04  K04
     Inducer size / Base circle / Extended tips 46.40 / 60.00 / 62.85 50.03 / 62.00 / 66.13 50.03 / 62.00 / 66.13

    Turbo and power sizing made easy

    To run the power below reliably please ensure your car’s build specification is close to the Pumaspeed recommendations in the table below.
    A fully forged and or linered block (Pumaspeed Blue Top Engine) is recommended once you pass the 385bhp mark, 420bhp has been achieved on a totally stock motor in the UK and 400whp on USA spec Fiesta ST, however for repeated track and motorsport use the limits of the stock piston and rod combination is very questionable, so we do advise these are swapped for engine longevity.

    Engine Requirements X57 X58EVO X58EVO2
     BHP rating (Fuel compression & revs dependent) Upto 365 Upto 395 Upto 420
     Powerband on the road  (Torque above 340nm) 2300-7500 2700-7750 2850-8000
     Solid single mass flywheel (8000+ revs) NO RECOMMENDED RECOMMENDED
     Injectors / Uprated fuel system kit RECOMMENDED YES YES
     Full height intercooler RECOMMENDED YES YES
     Large boost pipe kit RECOMMENDED YES YES
     Full induction kit RECOMMENDED YES YES
     Turbo back exhaust system YES YES YES


    Some extra features you may want to know

    – The new Gen2 exhaust housing is custom made in the UK from the highest grade materials to ensure not only just the perfect fitment every time, but the strength to run upwards of 400bhp!

    – The exhaust housing backpressure readings were taken of the new Gen2 housing at 1.85 bar boost and found to be over 65% lower than the previous Gen1 Housing, this with enable way lower Exhaust Gas Temps and much high exhaust flow rates. This thing will really fly !!

    – All fittings are supplied to mean this is a direct bolt on to your existing setup, including all lines and silicone intake elbow which fits almost all aftermarket crossover pipes. Most customers will run a Mishimoto/Pumaspeed large hot side pipe kit, so if you require an X58EVO to Mishimoto connector, please ask and we can provide it.

    Pumaspeed recommends Maxd-Out mapping to achieve the quoted figures, both X-series turbos and Maxd-Out have been developed in conjunction to create the ultimate in ST180 performance!


Check out Jamie at Officially Gassed’s video below to see the X58EVO on a low boost setup:

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Actuator Upgrade

Add Turbosmart 10psi Actuator (Add R2,880.75), I have an existing actuator

Add Dump Valve

GFB DV+ (Add R2,970.00 ), GFB VTA (Add R3,250.00 ), I will use my stock DV, Turbosmart Atmospheric (Add R3,742.75 ), Turbosmart Plumb back (Add R3,995.75 )


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